Specialists in conservation tillage

With our sole focus on conservation farming, we offer the complete choice of strip tillage equipment which includes the Pro-Til range of single-pass drills, the Rehab low disturbance subsoiler and the Rezult straw rake.

Engineered and built in Great Britain to the highest of quality standards, the Mzuri system has been developed by farmers and is a direct result of continuous consultation with growers. As such, it has been specifically designed to provide real-time solutions to today’s farming challenges of rejuvenating soil structure, reducing crop establishment costs and increasing yields. All of our products have undergone rigorous testing and have been trialled on our own farm prior to launch.

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Mzuri Farm Diary

At Mzuri, we aim to be the best in our field – both when it comes to product design and crop establishment. Our system has evolved as a result of our continued trials, customer feedback and being bold enough to be different. The recently developed 3-in-1 ‘direct till drill’ is just one example of our recent innovation which started with experiments on farm.

Each year we carry out a number of different experiments and crop trials aimed to reach new efficiencies on our Trial Farm, some of which we are happy to share with you here. As farmers, we are also faced with many common challenges and tasks – keep coming back to find out how we go about them.

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The Mzuri system offers significant costs savings,
restores soil structure and improves yields, thus increasing the profitability of your farming business.