At Mzuri, we firmly believe strip tillage to provide the optimum method of crop establishment, compared with the alternatives of plough-based or zero tillage systems. Our one pass Pro-Til drills only cultivate a narrow band of soil, leaving the rest of the area intact and allowing Nature to do her work. Furthermore, the Mzuri system promotes the practice of leaving previous crop residue on the surface. Combined, the Mzuri’s features allow farmers to enjoy a number of benefits which range from improvements to soil and levels of organic matter to reduction in labour and fuel costs and better plant health.

1. Long stubble protects the soil from capping and erosion.

2. Chopped straw remaining on the surface provides a barrier to evaporation and encourages vital worm activity.

3. The undisturbed soil provides essential capillary water for quick germination.

4. Untilled soil is rich in instantly available nutrients, oxygen and water promoting quick, healthy root development.

5. The tilled strip mineralises sufficient nutrients and ensures good soil to seed contact, providing the ideal environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.