With over 35 years of experience in farming and manufacture of agricultural machinery, the knowledge behind Mzuri is immense. The Mzuri system has been tested and proven on our own farm and is now enjoyed by many customers worldwide, enabling farmers to run a sustainable and profitable operation.

Mzuri is headed by Martin Lole – a farmer and engineer who pioneered a range of Spearhead rotary mowers, now an Alamo brand, and the innovative Mzuri single pass system. Born into a farming family, he returned to his agricultural roots after finishing college and purchased Springfield Farm in Worcestershire. The 178-hectare arable farm has been the testing ground to all of the Mzuri developments and serves as the company’s showroom and trial farm today.

Formerly a traditionally-farmed land, the farm was suffering from compaction, soil erosion and blackgrass infestation. Seedbed preparation was time consuming, labour intensive and costly, yet the farm was seeing unsatisfactory results as the seeds were germinating less evenly and in lower numbers due to the loss of moisture when ploughing.

Recognising the shortfallings of blanket cultivation, Martin turned to reduced tillage to rectify the issues. The farm’s key objectives were to improve soil structure, raise productivity and increase profits. As a result of intensive research and a number of trials, the farm owner has adopted a five step farm management programme - which included soil assessment, crop rotation, straw retention, light interception and minimising risk - designed to achieve his goals.

Experiments with zero tillage have produced inconsistent results in terms of yields and germination which led the farm to opt for strip tillage. Always striving for perfection, Martin set off to design his own strip till drill which would prepare the best possible seeding environment and minimise the risks typically associated with minimum tillage.

The result was the three metre Mzuri Pro-Til drill which has since evolved into a full range of direct drilling equipment, including the entire fleet of Pro-Til models, the Rehab subsoiler and the Rezult straw rake. Since the inception of the company, Mzuri has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s principal manufacturers of agricultural machinery, and a brand which is synonymous with superior build, product innovation and service excellence.