Light Interception

Wider row spacing allows more light in between the rows, enabling the plant to make the most out of light interception. This means that the entire surface area of the plant from top to bottom can be used to harvest the sunlight and convert it into energy. The result is a healthier, bushier crop with the potential to produce higher yields.

Mzuri recommendation: Wider row spacings.

  • Wider row spacing is important because it:
  • Produces bushier, stockier plants
  • Results in increased seed production
  • Reduces fungal disease due to better air movement

Mzuri Pro-Til is capable of drilling in a choice of narrow or wide row spacings (33cm or 66cm with the 3T Select model and 36cm or 72cm on the 4T and 6T with Select functionality). The wide row option makes the Select particularly suited for crops such as maize, oilseed rape and legumes whereas the narrower setting is recommended for wheat, barley and oats.