Minimising Risk

To ensure even and quick crop establishment, a strip of clean, friable and moist soil is required around the seed. The Mzuri System provides a perfect nursery seedbed whereas other establishment techniques are not weatherproof and can have inconsistent success rates, introducing a risk of uneven or failed germination.

Mzuri recommendation: Opt for a drill that can cope with surface residue and offers a clean strip of tilth, accurate seeding depth and good reconsolidation.

Mzuri Pro-Til offers an unparalleled combination of features which have been specifically designed to minimise the risks associated with crop establishment:

  • Leading discs cut through the straw, clearing the strip of residue
  • The leading leg complete with wing cultivates the soil and creates fissures to increase water infiltration
  • The leading coulter places a band of fertiliser below seed level to ensure immediate accessibility of nutrients for active root development
  • Following wheel reconsolidates the soil and removes air pockets, resulting in a perfect nursery seedbed
  • A high clearance seeding leg and staggered coulter design allow maximum trash flow
  • Patented seeding leg pivots side to side which ensures that the coulter always places the seed central to the seeding zone
  • The seeding leg also moves up and down which enables it to closely follow the ground contours
  • The pressure ram on the coulter wheel delivers unparalleled reconsolidation for excellent seed to soil contact
  • A choice of independent seeding coulters and planting widths create a perfect environment for all crop types
  • The seeding coulter wheel provides accurate seed depth control
  • Good quality pressure harrow ensures an even soil finish which is important for the effective application of pre-emergence chemicals