Pro-Til Select

A single pass direct drill with a choice of row spacing settings
As well as all the benefits of a standard Mzuri PRO-TIL drill, the Mzuri PRO-TIL Select series can drill in a choice of narrower or wider row spacings. The wide row option makes the Select particularly suited for crops such as maize, oilseed rape and legumes. It is equally at home with drilling narrowly-spaced crops including wheat, barley and oats.

Not only does a bigger inter-row spacing allow the crops to meet their nutrient demand and produce a stronger root system, it also awards better light interception from the top of the canopy all the way down to the base of the stem. This, in return, results in a healthier, bushier and higher-yielding crop.

The free flow of air movement helps to reduce moisture and control the associated fungal diseases whereas the extra space between the leaves minimises the transfer of disease by contact.

The additional width of the interrow, coupled with a high clearance of the tine legs, enable users to work with huge amounts of surface residue which allows to improve soil condition. The straw acts as a mulching layer to protect the soil from erosion and seals in the natural moisture, preventing the ground from drying out. It also harbours a range of beneficial fauna and helps to rapidly increase earthworm population, both of which are vital for improving soil fertility and structure.

PRO-TIL Select offers a wide choice of coulter fittings which awards users the flexibility to carry out precision seeding, strip tilling and low disturbance direct drilling with just one piece of equipment, making it the ultimate one-pass drill for all combinable crops.

The PRO-TIL Select is available in 3, 4 and 6 metre trailed models.

Specification »
Specification Pro-Til 3T Select Pro-Til 4T Select Pro-Til 6T Select
Working Width3m4m6m
Transport Width2.95m2.8m2.95m
Dual Hopper Capacity3400 l3400 l4300 l
Row Spacing33.3cm or 66.6cm36.3cm or 72.6cm35.3cm or 70.6cm
No. of Coulters91117
Tractor Requirement180hp +240hp +300hp +
Working Speed6-15km/hr6-15km/hr6-15km/hr

Key Features

1. Auto reset front tines

2. Variable seed metering unit

3. Two row sowing coulter (150mm spacing)

4. Hydraulically driven fan

5. Seed flow monitors

6. Hydraulic bout marker

7. Adjustable pressure harrow - hydraulically operated

8. Semi-pneumatic seed packer

9. Fully integrated drill management system

10. Independent pressurisedseeding arms coupled with adjustable wheel for very accurate seed depth across the field

11. A choice of seeding widths with the Select series

pro-til select image

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What Our Customers Say...

The Pro-Til drill is a brilliant piece of kit and we are very impressed with the way it establishes all of our crops. The small press wheel gives excellent seed to soil contact which is where this machine has the edge over its competitors. The drill is very effective in creating the perfect seedbed in one pass whilst improving the rooting structure under the growing crop. Soil structure and biodiversity have improved over the last few years and there are definitely more worms in the soil profile...

Guy Shelby, Benningholme Grange, East Yorkshire

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