A self-levelling rotary hedgecutter

Featuring revolutionary Co-Pilot technology and a rotary blade design, Razorback’s novel features are bound to set it apart from its conventional hedgecutter counterparts.

Auto-Level Co-Pilot System

Razorback’s Co-Pilot automatic levelling system ensures that the mainframe of the hedgecutter remains constantly level, regardless of the tractor angle. The Auto-Level system works by using an on-board gyroscope to determine the sideways roll of the tractor, and hydraulics to compensate for the roll.

Easy and intuitive to control, the innovative system reduces operator fatigue and makes hedgecutting considerably faster and smoother.

Operation is simple and precise thanks to Razorback’s electronic proportional controls which incorporate a 3-axis joystick. The main control box features rotor on/off, level sensitivity and Auto-Level Co-Pilot on/off functions.

Head and shoulders above the rest

Razorback incorporates three 500mm diameter four-blade rotors on a vertical axis which are housed in the 1.5-metre-wide head. The blade positioning ensures that the rotors are in contact with vegetation during the entire 360° blade cycle which allows for a faster and cleaner cut and for more material to be processed.

The head also features mulching blades and hydraulically-controlled front hood and rear roller.

The hood design and side deflectors ensure that most of the debris is contained within the hedge, leaving a cleaner roadside.


Razorback Auto-Level 550 model has a reach of 5.5 metres and can easily deal with verge mowing and hedges with two to three year old growth.

Efficient and cost-effective

Thanks to the Co-Pilot feature and the rotary head design, Razorback can get the job done in fewer swipes resulting in considerable time and diesel savings.



Razorback Auto-Level 550
Advanced Controls
Electronic Proportional ControlsStandard
Auto-Level Co-PilotStandard
Rear 3-Point LinkageStandard
Rear 3-Point to 4-Point Hitch Stabiliser KitStandard
Parallel Arm GeometryStandard
SoftStart Triple Rotor c/w
Additional Mulching Blades
Hydraulically Controlled Front HoodStandard
Hydraulically Controlled Rear RollerStandard
System TypeGear
Pump TypeCast
Oil Tank Capacity220 ltr
Oil CoolerStandard
Totally Independent Hydraulic SystemStandard
Hydraulic Upgrades
Angle Float KitOptional
Lift Float KitOptional
Safety Equipment
LED Road Lighting KitStandard
Safety BreakawayStandard
Power SlewStandard
Tractor Requirements
Minimum Tractor Weight3,500kg
Minimum Tractor Horsepower85HP
Head Cutting Width1.5m
Weight (including the 1.5m head and 220 litres of oil)1880kg

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