Cost Savings

Mzuri. A profitable yet sustainable solution.

Trialled and tested throughout the world, the Mzuri system has proven to work in all soil conditions, rapidly improving soil structure and farm profitability. Customers, including farmers and contractors alike, have often seen their establishment costs reduce by half and yields increase to record levels. Against the backdrop of falling wheat prices and rising input costs, the Mzuri system has helped farms to survive the margin squeeze and turn their business into a profitable operation where many plough and press based systems were failing.

Run as a business, the cost savings achieved on Springfield Farm - a Mzuri Trial Farm - are representative of the efficiencies that are achievable under typical conditions. Since switching to strip tillage in 2011, the farm is seeing continued improvements in soil structure and, most importantly, significant cost savings compared with conventional tillage.


Cost Saving Table.1

UK average wheat yields and establishment costs for a Plough and Press based system between 2010 and 2015

Since 2010, the average cost of establishment per hectare for a Plough and Press based system has remained high whilst average yields of wheat have plateaued.


Cost Saving Table.2

Actual wheat yields and establishment costs at Springfield Farm between 2010 and 2018

When using a plough based system at Springfield Farm in 2010, the cost of establishment was £200/ha with yields of wheat at 7.3 t/ha. Switching to the Mzuri Pro-Til drill from 2011 onwards has more than halved this establishment cost down to £70-£75 per hectare and, most importantly, significantly increased yields of wheat.


Cost Saving Table.3

Gross income comparison chart

The data on the line graph below presents a comparison of yearly gross income per hectare for wheat at Springfield Farm and from a Plough and Press based system, between the years of 2010 and 2018. Since moving over to the Pro-Til system in 2011, the gross income per hectare at Springfield Farm has rapidly increased in contrast to the Plough and Press based system, which appears to be following the same pattern as the price of wheat.

Through use of the Mzuri Pro-Til drill, Springfield Farm have maintained low establishment costs and produced increased yields, allowing the farm to remain profitable and sustainable despite the falling price of wheat.