Low Surface Disturbance Subsoiler
The REHAB is a specially designed low surface disturbance subsoiler for both arable and grassland applications. Aiding drainage by lifting the soil profile, the REHAB increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

The changeable winged points provide maximum soil shatter combined with a spring-loaded cutting disc to ensure minimum surface disturbance and better moisture retention.

By loosening lower down the soil profile, water infiltration is improved, and vigorous growth is encouraged by deep rooting of the plant. The soil is better aerated and warms rapidly in the spring.

The REHAB encourages a friable surface with the entire previous crop residue remaining on the surface to avoid locking up large amounts of valuable nitrogen.

Available in 3, 4 and 6 metres, the REHAB features a generous leg spacing of 500mm and a stagger of 750mm to ensure free movement of residue for continuous flow.

The model is linkage mounted and comes complete with spring-loaded pivoting discs to provide clean cutting action through crop residue and topsoil whilst being able to avoid stones. Individually mounted, the disc arms self-adjust to follow the contours of the ground to ensure accurate engagement across the width of the machine. Following the disc, a 15mm hardened steel leg features a replaceable tungsten carbide tipped point to pierce and lift the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance.

Operators can determine the level of fracture through the profile
by a choice of three wing widths including 55mm, 115mm and 135mm. ‘Hammer-thru’ shear pins minimise downtime whilst ensuring maximum draft control and maintaining the correct draft angle of the wing.

Behind the legs, follows a substantial packer roller with V profile rings, strategically spaced to reconsolidate either side of the leg to create a weatherproof finish.

Specification »
Specification Rehab 3 Rehab 4 Rehab 6
Working Width3m4m6m
Number of legs6812
Leg Spacing500mm500mm500mm
Leg Stagger750mm750mm750mm
Typical Working Depth150mm-400mm150mm-400mm150mm-400mm
Leg Protection System'Hammer Thru' Shearbolt'Hammer Thru' Shearbolt'Hammer Thru' Shearbolt
Press Roller600mm V-Profile600mm V-Profile600mm V-Profile
Optimum Working Speed8-12km/hr8-12km/hr8-12km/hr
Tractor Requirement120-220hp160-400hp300-500hp

1. Cutting Pivoting serrated discs mounted on spring-loaded arms slice through the surface residue, ensuring a lower disturbance to the topsoil. Consistent contact with the ground is achieved across field contours.

2. Shattering Shearbolt protected legs maintain an accurate draft angle of the ground engaging parts for better control of shatter action. Each leg is fitted with a two sectioned replaceable point and wing, with a choice of wing width depending on the level of fracture required.

3. Consolidating A steel V-shaped packer directly consolidates either side of the cultivated area and closes the opening behind the leg, leaving a weatherproof soil structure without the risk of drying out.

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What Our Customers Say...

The Pro-Til drill is a brilliant piece of kit and we are very impressed with the way it establishes all of our crops. The small press wheel gives excellent seed to soil contact which is where this machine has the edge over its competitors. The drill is very effective in creating the perfect seedbed in one pass whilst improving the rooting structure under the growing crop. Soil structure and biodiversity have improved over the last few years and there are definitely more worms in the soil profile...

Guy Shelby, Benningholme Grange, East Yorkshire

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