With the Mzuri system, farmers across the UK and Europe are bringing better establishment and better security to their businesses in what are increasingly challenging times.
The proof lies with our users, who consistently demonstrate real world benefits of the Mzuri single pass concept by saving significant costs, fostering good soil structure and bolstering yields.

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The innovative one-pass Mzuri system:

Take control of the things that are costing you money

Capital Investment and Depreciation

By consolidating multiple machinery passes into one, the Mzuri Pro-Til drill allows users to reduce their machinery portfolio whilst still achieving all the necessary steps for effective crop establishment.

Mzuri users find they no longer get the use out of the cultivation equipment they once relied upon, giving them the freedom to sell or downsize their fleet – saving tens of thousands each year on investment, spare parts and depreciation costs.

Fuel and Labour

Fewer passes mean less time in the cab, and less time spent burning fuel, both of which are a costly exercise. Compared with conventional plough-based establishment, the Mzuri system will dramatically reduce fuel and labour requirements per hectare, directly translating into real cost savings.

By keeping cost of production low, both per hectare and per tonne of crop, Mzuri users are better able to withstand volatility in the marketplace and give better security to their business.

Soil Health and Erosion

The Mzuri Pro-Til only cultivates narrow bands of soil where it then places the seed, leaving the rest of the field completely untouched. This targeted tillage allows the soil to maintain its own structure which promotes good drainage, supports microorganisms, reduces erosion and encourages healthy root growth.

Part of the success of the Mzuri system is in its ability to successfully establish crops into high biomass residue or cover crops. With a unique design, the Pro-Til handles surface residue with ease, supporting good soil health and reducing erosion through maintaining continuous, nutrient rich ground cover.

Establishment and Yield

Mzuri users report consistent establishment across a range of soil types, seasons and crop varieties throughout the UK and Europe. The combination of the Pro-Til’s front leg and central reconsolidation wheel produces the perfect tilth and nursery seedbed that promotes quick, even germination that goes on to support healthy crops right through to harvest.

By getting the best possible start, Mzuri crops typically see an uplift in yield in comparison to their conventional counterparts. On the Mzuri trial farm, this was an impressive 3.5t/ha increase over the previous plough-based system, amounting to an uplift of approximately 47% over the last 9 years. The benefits of switching to strip tillage can be almost instant, the trial farm recorded an uplift of 2t/ha in the first year alone, with many other users reporting similar impacts on yield throughout the UK.

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What Our Customers Say...

The Pro-Til drill is a brilliant piece of kit and we are very impressed with the way it establishes all of our crops. The small press wheel gives excellent seed to soil contact which is where this machine has the edge over its competitors. The drill is very effective in creating the perfect seedbed in one pass whilst improving the rooting structure under the growing crop. Soil structure and biodiversity have improved over the last few years and there are definitely more worms in the soil profile...

Guy Shelby, Benningholme Grange, East Yorkshire

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