The Anatomy of the Pro-Til

Filmed for a virtual student tour last year, Martin Lole walks us through the build of the Pro-Til from start to finish. In this video Martin demonstrates the unique design features that makes Mzuri a market leader in innovation.

Precision Drilled Peas

Drilling 100kg/ha of Peas for human consumption into a strip tilled Oats and Mustard cover crop, using the new Mzuri Pro-Til Xzact precision seeder.

izona Low Disturbance Subsoiler in OSR Stubble

The new izona low disturbance subsoiler lifts the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance. A rear packer effectively puts the field back down with rings concentrated to either side of the legs.

The iPass 624 establishing cover crops into wheat stubble

The iPass 624 establishing a cover crop mix into wheat stubble, achieving minimal disturbance whilst the leading leg clears a small residue free tilled zone to promote quick, even establishment and good rooting. 

Mzuri Strip-Till has the edge

Guy Shelby, a progressive UK farmer, explains how the Mzuri system has transformed his farming operation and why it was his preferred choice of a strip till drill.

Pro-Til 3T Spring Video Diary

Mzuri Pro-Til 3T spring video diary – March 2014 Video update from our autumn video diary.