New coulter system to be revealed by Mzuri at Midlands Machinery Show

6th October 2016

Mzuri, specialists in conservation tillage, will be launching the newly updated Pro-Til coulter system at Midlands Machinery Show which is taking place on 23rd – 24th November 2016 at Newark Showground.

Available in single and dual row units, the new coulter system features a streamlined design to deliver improved seeding depth accuracy and reduced soil disturbance. The component layout has been revised so that only the points come into contact with the soil, resulting in considerably reduced wear and tear and lower running costs. The leg geometry has also been altered to ensure the coulter point engages the ground at a more vertical angle to minimise metal wear. Designed to deliver a more precise seed placement, the leg incorporates an integral seed distribution unit complete with a vent to regulate air pressure. Not only are they more cost-effective, the updated coulters are quicker to fit as just the points – the only wearing part which also features a tungsten tip for extended longevity – need to be replaced.

The narrow profile of the single row unit gives excellent seeding depth results whilst fully minimising soil disturbance. Coupled with Mzuri’s narrow wheel kit, the system is ideally suited for establishing rape and beans. Kitted with the new narrow points, Mzuri Pro-Til drills can be run in full strip tillage mode with both breaker and seeding legs creating the seedbed, or, conditions permitting, as a direct drill with the leading legs out of operation.

Creating less soil shift and accurately placing the seed in 140mm bands with marginally wider spacings in-between the rows for light interception, the dual coulters produce a similar establishment appearance to that of a traditional seeding drill at just half the cost. The dual shoot coulter is recommended for seeding cereals and other combinable crops.

Retrofittable to all older Pro-Til models, the new coulter system can now be specified on new machines for the 2017 season.

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